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Secure pathway to get PR

Personalised Consultations 

Based on Your Individual Needs

With 15 years of experience, our visa specialist
will help you with your entire pathway to permanent residency.

From placement to immigration, be with an expert you can trust.

BigTurn's Case Studies


(took a total of 4.7 years)

  • Nationality: Korea

  • Starting Age: 28 years 

  • Occupation: Cook (ANZSCO 351411)

Our client started her career as a cook when she came to Australia on a Working Holiday visa.

So, we constructed a visa pathway where she can gain more experience to apply for a TSS (482 Visa) and eventually obtain a PR (186 visa).

What BigTurn offered?

  • Tailored visa pathway to gain enough experience to obtain a PR visa.

  • Ensured that she received proper training to build a career.

  • Found an employer who is willing to sponsor her visa.

  • Assisted her employer in constructing a training plan to get sponsorship approval.

Timeline to get a PR Visa

1 Years

1 Years

2 Years

7 Months

Working Holiday Visa
(Subclass 417)

Training Visa
(Subclass 407)

TSS Visa
(Subclass 482)

PR Granted
(Subclass 186)


Let us worry about your pathway to PR

Our Scope of Visa Services for Individuals 

Short Term

  • Temporary Work Visa 

(subclass 400)

  • Student Visa

(subclass 500)

  • Training Visa

(subclass 407)

Skilled Visas

  • Temporary Skill Shortage Visa

(subclass 482)

  • Temporary Graduate Visa

(subclass 485)

  • Temporary Work (skilled) Visa

(subclass 489)

Resident Visa

  • Skilled Independent Visa 

(subclass 189)

  • Employer Nomination Scheme Visa

(subclass 186)

  • Skilled Nomination Visa

(subclass 190)

Other Visas

Do you need help in
bringing your family?

  • Parent Visa 

(subclass 103)

  • Partner Visa

(subclass 820, 801, 309, 100)

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