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Making your skills assessment process simple whilst

Ensuring The Best Outcome

What is a Skills Assessment?

​A Skills Assessment is an evaluation of an applicants experience, skills and education for their nominated occupation. This is carried out by the relevant assessing authority.


For example, VETASSESS, Engineers Australia and TRA.

A skills assessing authority is an organisation that checks that your skills meet the standards they set to work in a relevant occupation.

Do I need a

Skills Assessment?

Some visas require applicants

to have a positive Skills Assessment

when applying for a visa.

You may need to apply for

suitable skills assessment

if you are applying for the below visas:

  • 189 Visa (Skilled Independent)

  • 190 Visa (Skilled Nominated)

  • 491 Visa (Skilled Regional – Provisional)

  • 186 Visa (Employer Nomination Scheme)

  • ​482 Visa (Temporary Skill Shortage)

  • 494 Visa (Employer Sponsored – Provisional)​


* Exemptions might apply

Our Role

Our service makes the skills assessment process as simple as possible, whilst ensuring the best outcome for you.

​We work closely with your preferred assessing authority, liaising with your assessor at every stage of the process.

We specialise in skills assessments for:

  • chefs & cooks

  • restaurant/cafe managers

  • hotel manager

  • accommodation managers

How to get a positive Skills Assessment


Identify the relevant assessing authority for your occupation


Identify the pathway most relevant to your situation


Collate and/or draft necessary document


Organise interview

(if required)


Receive your assessment!

  • How long will it take for my Skills Assessment to process?
    The time frame varies depending on the assessing authorities. TRA: 13 weeks VETASSESS: 12-14 weeks Engineers Australia: 4 weeks ACECQA: 8-9 weeks ACS: 8-10 weeks These are approximate timeframes, however are subject to change due to certain circumstances and application volume.
  • Which occupation do I nominate?
    You must nominate the occupation for which you wish to be assessed. ​ When nominating your occupation, you could simply conduct a search of the ANZSCO occupation descriptions, to help you decide the occupation you would like to be assessed against.
  • Can I change my ANZSCO nomination during the assessment process?
    Most assessing authorities will not allow you to change your ANZSCO once your application has already been submitted. However, some assessing authorities such as ANMAC may allow a change in ANZSCO after your assessment is completed.
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If you are not sure,

Please contact us with your CV.

We will help you assess which occupation you need to nominate.

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