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Elevate Your Hiring Game:

Recruitment Solution

With Minimal Risk

Have you experienced these challenges
when you hire international talents?

Performance Issue
Among New Hires

Recruitment Cost

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Turnover Rates

To reduce risks when you hire international workers,
BigTurn offers a "Minimal Risk Recruitment Solution."

To reduce Performance Risks,

Try your fit with the talent
for 2 months commitment-free

Validate the candidate's skills, then decide if you wish to hire.
You will not be charged during this period.

To reduce Financial Risks,

Pay Only $2,000
if you want to keep the candidate

We will ask you to pay

only when you are satisfied with the candidate’s skill set.

Payment Process

1. Contract

Review CVs and
you wish to hire.

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2. Commitment-Free

Validate the candidate’s skills for 2 months
free of charge.

3. Recruitment Fee Payment

If you’re satisfied with the candidate’s skill set, pay only $2,000 to keep him/her.

4. Proceed

Upon request,
we provide an assistance for the sponsorship/
nomination application.

To reduce Turnover Risks,

Experience BigTurn's
Delicate Ongoing Support

Employees from BigTurn average a 4-year tenure;
we ensure safe onboarding by handling key employment issues

Minimal Risk Recruitment Solution
is a Must for Employers like this!

☑️ Those seeking to secure staff with a long-term commitment

☑️ Those experiencing dissatisfaction with recruitment expenses

☑️ Those requiring assistance with sponsorship processing

☑️ Those interested in extending the duration of the probationary period

BigTurn's Minimal Risk Recruitment Solution

is Trusted by

Reduce your risk from recruitment to onboarding
when you hire global talent.

Be our next successful case.

If you are hesitating, MUST check this


International Recruitment Requirement

Q. Do we need to sponsor foreign workers to hire them?

A. It depends on which visa the foreign workers are holding.

    Generally speaking, foreign workers hold 482(TSS) visa which requires a sponsorship.

Q. We are a small business with less than 10 employees and with small revenue.
     Can we still be a sponsor?

A. Yes, there is no minimum requirement to be a sponsor.

     Regardless of the size of the business and its revenue, anyone can be a sponsor.

Q. What is the process to sponsor a foreign worker?

A. Yes, there is no minimum requirement to be a sponsor.

     Regardless of the size of the business and its revenue, anyone can be a sponsor.

Sponsorship / Nomination Application

Q. Is it easy to apply for the sponsorship and nomination?
    All document works sound so complicated.

A. Yes, it is very simple.

  We(BigTurn) provide templates to help you prepare documents easily.

    The whole process will be easy and simple with our assistance.

Q. Do we need to submit the Financial Report?
     What if it triggers an ATO audit?

A. No, there won’t be an ATO audit.

    You are submitting your Financial Report to the Department of Home Affairs, not to the ATO.                The Department of Home Affairs do not share your Financial Report with the ATO,
    so you don’t need to worry about ATO conducting a tax audit.

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Don’t miss a chance
to reduce risk
in hiring global talent
with BigTurn.

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